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Compact heat meter Pulsar mechanical

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Heat meter Pulsar is used for measurements: heat energy, cooling energy, heat power, flow rate, water temperature, temperature difference. It can be used in dead-end hot water supply system and measure water volume with temperature above set value. Heat meter consists of flow sensor, counter and 2 platinum temperature sensors. Heat meter’s counter calculates volume, temperature and heat energy consumption in flow and return pipelines.
Dynamic range qi/ qp 1:50 (1:25 for vertical installation)
Ambient temperature, C 5..55
Pressure loss at qp, bar < 0,2
Accuracy class (EN1434) 3
Nominal pressure, bar 16
Temperature range, C 0..105
Temperature difference range, K 3-90
Temperature resolution, K 0,01
Installation Return flow/forward flow horizontal/vertical
Protection IP65
Environmental class C
Electromagnetic class E1
Mechanical class M1
Sensitivity to irregularity class U3, D3
Display LCD, 8 digits + icons
Units MWh, kWh, GJ, Gcal
Inputs (optional) 4 pulse type for external meters
Interfaces (optional) Pulse, M-Bus, RS-485, Optical (IR)
Power supply 3,6 V, Lithium, 10 years
Temperature sensors Pt1000
Data history in EEPROM memory 60 months, 184 Days, 1488 hours
  • Measures thermal energy consumption in heating and cooling systems
  • Compact dimensions
  • Removable calculator
  • High accuracy and durability
  • Pre - equipped for connection of water meters with pulse output
  • Volume measuring component DN15-20
  • Insensitive against dirt
  • Self diagnostics
  • MID Certificate TMC 311/18 - 5583