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Educational videos

Pulse counters-recorders "Pulsar"
Apartment (compact) heat meters "Pulsar"
Presentation - Pulse Sensor "Pulsar"
Presentation - Single-jet apartment water meters "Pulsar"
Presentation - Pulsar Pressure Transmitter
Presentation - Water meters "Pulsar-M" multi-jet
Presentation - Turbine water meters "Pulsar-T"
Presentation - Heat meters "Pulsar"
Presentation - Pulse counter-recorder "Pulsar" 4-channel, with Ethernet converter
Presentation - Pulse counter-recorder "Pulsar" 2-channel, with GPRS modem
Presentation - Pulse counters-recorders "Pulsar" 10-channel and 16-channel
Presentation - Temperature sensors, Resistance Thermocouples "Pulsar"
Presentation - GSM modems "Pulsar"
Presentation - Pulsar Ethernet Converters Ethernet, RS485
Presentation - Data acquisition and transmission device "Pulsar" USPD
Presentation - Receiving radio module for Pulsar water and gas meters
Presentation - Switching Blocks, Pulsar I/O
Presentation - Industrial design solutions "Pulsar" ASKUE
Presentation - Pulsar Software
Presentation - Pulsar Power Supplies

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