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Ultrasonic water meter Pulsar

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Ultrasonic water meter Pulsar with visual readout is easy in mounting, setting and service. The operation principle of this meter type consists of sending of ultrasonic signals through the fluid. Meter can be used by residential and commercial buildings. Measurements data is indicated on meter’s display.

Maximum permissible error Q2≤Q≤Q4 ±2 % for cold water t≤30 ºC; ±3% for hot water t>30 ºC
Maximum permissible error Q1≤Q<Q2 ±5%
Temperature class Т40; Т105; Т150
Maximum pressure, bar 16
Data history in EEPROM memory 60 Months, 184 Days, 1488 hours
Power supply, V 3,6±0,1
Service life of battery, not less than, years 10
  • High Precision , wide range measurement of hot and cold water
  • No moving parts inside
  • Long term stability
  • Leak detection
  • Suitable for bad quality water and hydraulic shocks
  • Resistant to overload flows
  • Compact dimensions
  • Both horizontal and vertical installation
  • Reverse flow measurement
  • Independent to permanent magnet
  • Low power operation
  • Automatic wireless or wired data transmission via different communication interfaces
  • PC software for data reading and storaging
  • Automatic error diagnostics
  • OEM is possible
  • IP68 possible