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Multi-jet dry dial water meter Pulsar

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Multi -jet water meter Pulsar can be use by residential and commercial buildings. In comparison with single-jet meters multi-jet type it is more accurate. Water flow goes through impeller blades and separates into multiple jets. This ensure low error level. Water volume data is indicated on meter’s display.

Pressure loss, bar <0,25
Nominal pressure, bar 16
Maximum permissible error Q2≤Q≤Q4 ±2 % for cold water t≤30 ºC; ±3% for hot water t>30 ºC
Maximum permissible error Q1≤Q<Q2 ±5%
  • Ready for equipping with communication module
  • Communication module with inductive scanning system
  • Different communication interfaces
  • Magnetic field immunity
  • Reverse flow detection by communication module
  • Both horizontal and vertical installation
  • Water protected
  • OEM is possible