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Communication modules for water meters

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The water meter radio module is designed to take readings from Pulsar water meters (or similar ones), record the water consumption history, with reference to time, and transmit radio messages to the receiving modules at the upper level.
Radio frequency 433, 868 Mhz
  • Different communication interfaces: OMS/Wireless M-Bus; LoRa; RF ultra narrow band; RS-485; M-Bus
  • Reverse flow detection
  • Removal detection
  • Magnet detection
  • 10+ years lithium battery lifetime
  • Protection class: IP65/ IP68
  • Data storage in nonvolatile memory: 60 months, 184 days, 1488 hours
  • RF frequency: 868/433 MHz
  • Server software for data reading and storaging
  • RF USB modem for configuring and data reading